About Us

Keeping Kids in Families raises the collective voice of advocates nationwide who are urging Congress to Act Now to strengthen our child welfare system.

We are a public-private partnership guided by three national organizations – the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA), the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, and the National Organization for State Associations for Children (NOSAC) – and we are leading the charge to make sure that all kids have a safe, secure and permanent family. We are doing this by working collaboratively with policymakers and other key stakeholders to develop a federal financing mechanism that aligns policy and practice and helps us to build a child welfare system that is designed to serve more children and families sooner, and ultimately achieve better outcomes.

Keeping Kids in Families is engaging the powerful voices of individuals, organizations and agencies, nationwide, who work directly with children and families every day and are focused on assuring that the best interests of both children and families are at the center of all decision-making and reform efforts.

Our Shared Principles for Child Welfare, Policy and Practice Alignment serve as a framework for innovative child welfare finance policy design.

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