The Solution

Keeping Kids in Families is helping to develop and support policy solutions that help to strengthen our nation’s child welfare system through investments in prevention, early interventions and treatments that keep children safe and in permanent families, whenever possible.

We believe the solution lies in federal public policies that align federal financing with child and family success. Our efforts seek to:

  • Better leverage resources across all levels of government and community supports.
  • Promote evidence informed practices that improve outcomes while also ensuring that we don’t get in the way of practical, low-cost supports that can make the difference for a family.
  • Strengthen families and keep children safe in their homes whenever possible, preventing traumatic and expensive entry into foster care.
  • Secure permanency quicker for children who are removed from their homes.
  • Establish an integrated array of proven community-based treatment services and supports for children and their families to reduce the need for more intensive services.
  • Provide high quality residential stabilization and treatment when no less restrictive setting can safely and effectively address a child’s needs.

Proposed reforms should:

  • Provide for a wider array of supports, services and early interventions for children and families that prevent the need for foster care.
  • Expand the service population so that we are able to meet the needs for more children and families.
  • Ensure accountability to better outcomes for children.
  • Allow for reinvestment of savings in building community capacities that further improve and strengthen the child welfare system.
  • Provide the flexibility states need to maximize the use of funds that are being invested in our child welfare systems without the use of waivers.

Find out more about how you can help advance the solution.  Make sure you share the Congressional Leave Behind with your members of congress to outline the suggested checklist for assessing policy proposals.